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eerie scenery

Well worth the view.

one month of dandelion in about one-and-a-half minutes

Time lapse dandelion flower to seed head /dandelion clock filmed continuously over a period of one month.

quantum physics, waves versus particles, the double slit experiment

An easy to understand explanation of quantum physics, and sending electrons through two slits--how they behave like particles when observed, and waves when measured. By What the Bleep Do We Know

the wind will carry us

An infinity of destinies
We suggest one, but can we keep it?
The wind will take it away

Le Vent Nous Portera 
by Noir Désir

new way to retaliate against jerks on airplanes

If you ever encounter jerks during your travels, you can snap a photo of them and submit it to

Or you can follow the Passenger Shaming Instagram or Facebook pages to see the submitted photos. Whichever you choose to do, just don't end up being featured on these pages! Read the full article here.

Also see: Chinese kid poops in cabin on plane with parents' permission. Fellow passengers grieve as the stench overtakes the cabin throughout the flight from Beijing to Detroit.

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this is weird

Is it just me, or is this a little weird? I don't know if it would make me laugh. Does that mean I'm immature? Naked lady doing yoga on a DVD...

avail, $21

tea and eggs stand up for themselves

Avail, 12,95 €. Also available: egg holder, below, 7,95 €